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Inspired by Her Quote

This miniature double accordion book was part of the WIVLA “Inspired By Her Quote” show at the Houston Downtown Library.  All of the art was inspired by a quote from a woman.  The show was up from March 1st to the 31st in celebration of Women’s History Month.


Book Swap

Tonight was the December Holiday Book Swap at the Houston Book Arts Guild.  The theme was “ten” since it is the 10th anniversary of the guild.  My contribution to the swap was a triangle accordion book with ten zentangle triangles.

Books of Summer

Blizzard book with prayer cards

View of blizzard book open with prayer cards.

Summer has ended and the bookmaking will slow down. I’m posting the finished products of two previous books I was working on. The first one is a blizzard Book based on a design by Hedi Kyle. The second one is a double accordion structure. Peter and Donna Thomas have written a great book called More Making Books By Hand. It contains instructions for many miniature books and alternative book structures. Enjoy!

Blizzard book with flaps open

Blizzard book with flaps open


Cover of blizzard book

Double accordion book

Double accordion book


Double accordion book cover view


The Books of Summer

Book 8: this week’s book is still in the making but the structure is mostly finished. It is a double accordion book. Peter and Donna Thomas have written a fantastic book with instructions for many book structures. Their book is titled More Making Books By Hand. This is the second book I have made following instructions in their book. The instructions for “Apple Tree Lane”, a flap book are also in their book. I’ll be posting the finished product soon!


The Books of Summer

Book 7:The blizzard book is made from a single strip of paper. The pages have pocket-like folds that can hold additional content. Hedi Kyle created the blizzard book. Instructions for this book can be found in The Penland Book of Handmade Books. The book pictured below is my dummy book I created to work out the details of my final version. I experimented with several different weights of vellum paper before settling on a medium weight paper. The thicker vellum was splitting after it was folded. Lessons learned. I’ll be posting photos of the final book soon.


The Books of Summer

Book 5: Some time ago I purchased a small single signature book. It was a cloth covered book with a wrap cord. This week I attempted to create something similar to that book. I used heat n bond to adhere the fabric to the board cover. The beads and other embellishments are leftovers from jewelry making, rubber-stamping and other art projects.