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Summer Book Arts Studio

This week began the first week of The Printing Museum‘s Summer Book Arts Studio (SBAS).  I am teaching paste paper every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.  Students learned how to create paste paper using methyl cellulose, water, and acrylic paint.  In addition, they also learned how to create marbled paper using shaving cream and food coloring using a recipe I found on meaningfulmama. Below are some of their finished pieces.  Other classes in the four day workshop include, paper making, lithography, and in the final class students will assemble all their work into a hand bound book.  Due to a fire at the Printing Museum, the classes are being held in one of the art classrooms at the University of Houston.

Paste paper

Student work

Rainbow paste paper

Paste paper mixed colors

Paste paper tire

Paste paper using a bike tire for pattern