TAEA Walk-Up Workshop

This years Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) conference was held in Galveston, TX.  I presented a walk up workshop on the Turkish map fold.  Visitors had the opportunity to learn the steps of the fold.  The theme of the convention was Dia de los Artes so I created a map book in the style of papel picado.

Valentines Exchange


Wow! It has been a while since I’ve posted.  Since I have signed up for the Lone Star Chapter of  Guild of Bookworkers  Valentines exchange for 2018, I thought I would post my exchange from 2017.  This was created using the laser cutter at the Freeman Library.  It measures 2 1/8″ x 2 3/4″.

Double Accordion Book

This is a double accordion book I recently completed.  It was just accepted to 23 Sandy Gallery’s show titled “Built”.  The book is created using Derwent Inktense Pencils .  These pencils are applied in the same way as a colored pencil and can remain dry but water can also be added to blend the ink making it permanent.  The brick background paper was created by carving a foam stamp with a brick pattern and stamping it on the paper before cutting it.

HBAG Book Swap

This week the Houston Book Arts Guild (HBAG) will have their annual book swap at the December meeting.  Members are invited to bring a handmade book to be included in the swap.  I made two cloth books using instructions I found in the book Eco Books by Terry Taylor.  The books below are created using fabric and paper. Each contains three signatures inside.

Laser Cutting

I just learned that our local library has a laser cutter that is free to use after attending an informative orientation. Below is my drawing and the laser version.  

 I’m working on a new book using the Turkish map fold and this is a test cut.

Summer Book Arts Studio

This week began the first week of The Printing Museum‘s Summer Book Arts Studio (SBAS).  I am teaching paste paper every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.  Students learned how to create paste paper using methyl cellulose, water, and acrylic paint.  In addition, they also learned how to create marbled paper using shaving cream and food coloring using a recipe I found on meaningfulmama. Below are some of their finished pieces.  Other classes in the four day workshop include, paper making, lithography, and in the final class students will assemble all their work into a hand bound book.  Due to a fire at the Printing Museum, the classes are being held in one of the art classrooms at the University of Houston.

Paste paper

Student work

Rainbow paste paper

Paste paper mixed colors

Paste paper tire

Paste paper using a bike tire for pattern

Inspired by Her Quote

This miniature double accordion book was part of the WIVLA “Inspired By Her Quote” show at the Houston Downtown Library.  All of the art was inspired by a quote from a woman.  The show was up from March 1st to the 31st in celebration of Women’s History Month.

“Pieces of Paris” Miniature

Below is a miniature version of my flag book “Pieces of Paris”.  It is digitally reproduced and measures 1 7/8″ x 2 7/8″.  It will be on display at The Texas Art Asylum’s “Tiny Show” this Saturday, January 30th.

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Book Swap

Tonight was the December Holiday Book Swap at the Houston Book Arts Guild.  The theme was “ten” since it is the 10th anniversary of the guild.  My contribution to the swap was a triangle accordion book with ten zentangle triangles.

If you are in the museum area check out Lawndale Art Center’s Big Show. 

My double accordion book Hallowed Be Thy is on display as part of the exhibition.

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